We started as a gathering of shipping agents in Port Sudan to amend the list of loading and unloading workers inside ships, and the assembly developed into the Shipping Agencies Division for the same purposes.
In the year 1998, the name was changed to the Navigational Chamber, then the room was renamed the Navigational Agencies Chamber, to serve the navigational agents without the owners.


Our goals:

(a) Taking care of the interests of the shipping agents in Sudan.

(B) Coordination between the shipping agents and the relevant authorities inside and outside Sudan to overcome obstacles and solve problems.

(c) Organizing the profession and setting policies and projects for its development.

(d) Conclusion of agreements for loading and unloading workers inside ships, in partnership with the labor office and other parties.

(e) Strengthening the bonds of cooperation and communication between members in everything related to this profession.

(f) Linking the Chamber with regional and international maritime regulations.