1/ Membership is open to anyone who holds a license for the marine agency, shipping and unloading, and fulfills all the conditions for joining.

2/ Membership is accepted by submitting an application for joining, provided that all conditions required by the Chamber are met.

3/ Membership may be revoked in case of breach of the Chamber’s rules, regulations and bylaws.

4/ The applicant may appeal the decision to refuse membership to the General Assembly.

Termination and suspension of membership:

1/ Membership ends if the member liquidates his business or leaves work in the field of marine agency and shipping and unloading permanently.

2/ Membership ends for non-payment of subscriptions in accordance with the provisions of the regulations.

3/ Membership in the Chamber ends with the resignation of the member.

4/ Membership ends if the member violates professional ethics, harms the room’s goals or purposes, or works to break up its unity. He will be dismissed according to the decision of the Executive Committee, provided that he is informed of what has been attributed to him a week before his matter is considered, or he will be dismissed in absentia if he does not attend the committee’s imam. executive.

5/ Membership is suspended in the event that the member does not renew his annual license, and in the event that the non-licensing exceeds three consecutive years, the member’s membership in the Chamber ends.

6/ If the member was changed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company that delegated him.

7/ A member may object to the Executive Committee’s decision to terminate or suspend his membership at the first general assembly, and its decision shall be final.

Duties and rights of members:

1/ Full compliance with the Chamber’s bylaws.

2/ Commitment to the decisions issued by the competent chamber’s organs.

3/ Obligation to pay the entry fees and the periodic subscription that is determined by the Executive Committee.

4/ Preserving the goals and objectives of the Chamber and adhering to professional ethics.

5/ The member has the right to participate in all the activities of the Chamber in accordance with the applicable systems and regulations in force.

6/ The member has the right to run for all positions and has the right to vote in accordance with the election regulations.

Entry fees and subscriptions:-

1/ Entry fees and annual subscriptions, to be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee.

2/ The Executive Committee may review the entry fees and subscriptions and re-estimate them from time to time.