1/ This room was established with the aim of taking care of the interests of the agents and owners of ships in Sudan and developing their work relations with all parties related to the work of agents and the work of stevedoring and stevedoring. Whereas, the Shipping Agencies Chamber is the only official representative of all members who have obtained a license to work in the maritime agency, stevedoring and stevedoring, and the internal under its banner.

2/ The Chamber includes in its composition all license holders and those under its banner working in the field of marine agency, freight and unloading, and those licensed to work in this field by the Sea Ports Authority and other competent authorities. The Chamber also organizes relations between members and drafting a charter of professional ethics. The Chamber has an Executive Committee elected by the General Assembly, which is recognized internally and externally.

3/ The work carried out by the Chamber is limited to the following:

A – Coordination between ship agents in Sudan, international shipowners’ organizations, and other parties related to Sudan, such as port authorities, customs, chambers of exporters and importers, the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

B – Organizing the profession internally with the Ports and Customs Authority and the shipping and unloading workers unions inside and outside the ships.

C – Discussing and concluding wage agreements for loading and unloading workers inside and outside ships, in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and other competent authorities.

d- Setting policies and projects that help develop the profession to keep pace with global progress and development in the field of maritime transport services.

E – Addressing the problems related to navigational work and ship agents, while preserving the rights of shipping agencies.

4/ Conducting research, preparing studies, extracting recommendations, and providing guidance regarding contacting specialized Arab and foreign houses of expertise.

5/ Concerted efforts among the members to deal as one group in relations with other foreign parties, especially in crises, to create a pivotal, economically influential leadership.

6/ Raising the efficiency of workers in the field of maritime transport and its services by participating in setting up training and qualification programs and providing support and working on the implementation of those programs.

7/ Issuing pamphlets, magazines and periodicals, and holding seminars in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the Chamber.

8/ Organizing and participating in Arab and international seminars and conferences if their topics are related to the work of the Chamber and its business activities.


9/ Participate in the membership of international maritime associations to benefit from international expertise in the field of maritime transport and its services.