American Bloomberg: Sudan is turning to Russia as an alternative to the West

Translated by: Insaf Al-Awad
The American newspaper (Bloomberg) said: The visit of the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Daglo Hamidti, to Moscow aims to win new allies to get out of the economic crisis.
And the newspaper mentioned in a report that the military component in Sudan began looking for new allies after the October 25 coup, which led to the US, European and international financial institutions withholding aid such as the World Bank and withholding about $3 billion in financial support this year, at a time when the government is struggling to deal with High inflation, a weak currency and declining exports.

According to the newspaper; Informal assessments indicate that Sudan has 30-90 days of foreign exchange reserves for import remaining, which will lead to a rise in commodities such as wheat, fuel and medicine, thus increasing the pace of street protests.
According to the newspaper, the two countries agreed to deepen relations in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, during the visit in which Daglo was accompanied by Finance Minister Jibril Ibrahim.
The Federation of Sudanese Chambers of Commerce and the Russian Business Council also signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at enhancing the business environment for Russian companies in Sudan, especially in the fields of agriculture, livestock and energy generation.

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